Your Goals:
  • Blast colorful bubbles
  • Snach up treasures
  • Travel to hot deserts and tropical havens
  • Rretrieve the talisman before it's too late!
  • Set records and complete challenges
  • Discover special power-ups and boosters
  • Compare progress with your friends
Plot Summary:

Help Buck and Wanda retrieve priceless relics! After plane trouble, a pair of fortune hunters stumble upon an unexpected adventure. Together they must gather relics in mysterious lands, and only the bravest soul can succeed in this marble popping madness!  


Key Features:
  • Original gameplay mechanics designed for touch-screen
  • Realistic spider's web physics simulation
  • 100 diverse and challenging levels
  • Beautiful HD graphics & animations
  • Charming background story
  • Addictive scoring & bonus system
  • "Undo Last Move" for very casual gamers
  • Support for Game Center
  • Universal App optimized for all iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads
Plot Summary:
Joyful bunch of friends spend whole days carelessly playing in the woodland. Unfortunately, Hurgen doesn't like their frolics. This bitter retired wizard has been trying to find the way to get rid of little imps for ages. Recently, he has brewed a secret formula that will strengthen the webs of his fellow accomplice, Alfred the spider. Hurgen's hairy servant winds his webs around all the food in the forest. Without your help our lovely creatures are doomed to starvation. Help them untangle all the nuts and fruits, and fill their empty bellies.

4.5/5 "Perfect Puzzler"

4.5/5 "Family Friendly"

5/5 "Very Polished"

4.5/5 "Editor's Choice"

8.3/10 "Great Design"

4/5 V.Easy to Recommend

"Under the Radar"- Pick

"Great Impression"


Key Features:
  • Revolutionary control mechanic based on multi-touch (uses two thumbs) 
  • 5 packs with 100 diverse and delicious levels 
  • Eye-candy HD graphics
  • Realistic soft body physics simulation
  • Charming background love story
  • Tourist Mode - for very casual players
  • Support for Game Center
  • Support for portrait & landscape (iPad)
  • Optimized for all iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads
Plot Summary:

You must be thinking that it’s yet another casual time-killing game. You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s a struggle... a struggle for love full of sacrifices, dangers... and sweet gluttony. Miss Pam is a demanding lady. She's not impressed by fit pretty-boys sticking to a diet. Her chosen one has to have some love handles to fondle. Snacky Sam's got a week left to gain weight that would satisfy his beloved woman. Unleash the power dwelling between your fingers and help Snacky Sam to win the love of his life. 

4/5 Extremely Entertaining

4.5/5 "A Must Have"

3/4 "Clever Design"

5/5 Fun,Addictive,Casual

4/5 "Novelty Factor"

4.5/5 "Delightful Treat"

4.5/5 "Great Debut"

5/5 "Incredible Fun"


Key Features:
  • Unique gameplay full of action and humorous references to the '80s decade
  • Two different worlds ( Cemetery & Sci Fi)
  • 30 diverse gameplay levels
  • 25 creatures & 4 mega bosses
  • In-game context support via Chiefu comments
  • Easy controls designed for mobile devices
  • Leaderboards and funny achievements
  • Optimized for all iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads
Plot Summary:

Goby, a young goblin fascinated by the golden decade of the '80s comes across a mysterious figure - Chiefu, a legendary stuntman. Full of admiration for the master, he decides to follow in his footsteps. After much persuasion, the master agrees to train the young pretender. But Goby is not really aware of what awaits him. He will have to go through grueling trials and tests prepared by Chiefu. Will he make it? We will see…